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Statistics by the Numbers
According to recent statistics, Google has more than an 80% share of the US search market, with 87% of mobile users performing searches using Google to find the products, services, and information they're in need of. These statistics mean having the strong online presence that results in a high search engine position and a website optimized for mobile devices is essential to being found, and being found before your competitors.

While no one can guarantee high search position, having a website that is developed to consistently build position is essential to achieving a high position. While not the only piece, a website is one of the many platforms within your online ecosystem, working with the other platforms as the whole. the Numbers
Updating and republishing old content with new content and images can increase organic website traffic by as much as 111%. (Source: Backlinko)
While publishing new content to add on you site is essential to search engine position, available time to develop the quality content can be a challenge. Adding on to or expanding on existing content is an approach that enables you to showcase specific business knowledge, especially with content relevant to your target audience and niche market. Developing complementary and corresponding content for Facebook, Google, Medium, or any of the platforms within your online ecosystem allows you to publish and deliver that content and keep your site updated within the time you have.

Using a developed process, original authored content is deployed in the website and social media platforms, driving traffic to the site to continually build client's online presence and search engine position.

81% of surveyed marketers have integrated social media marketing with traditional marketing to increase discoverability of their website. (Source: Social Media Examiner)
Content for social media that communicates your value proposition, showcases the solutions of your services, highlights product features, and works with content in your website is essential. Incorporating Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the platforms tailored to industry should be part of your online strategy, driving traffic to your site, working with original content, offline campaigns, and paid advertising like AdWords and Pay Per Click, using the content and developed offers to onboard potential clients and customers.
Marketers see efforts in SEO becoming an essential component to generating business, with 82% reporting effectiveness is on the rise and 42% of this group stating effectiveness is increasing significantly. (Source: MarketDive)
Essential to being found, a high search engine position an online presence is essential. While no one can guarantee top position, a properly developed website as a component of the platforms within your online ecosystem is essential to building search engine position, with efforts needed on a continual basis.
Continually rising, 75% percent of internet use was on mobile devices in 2018, up slightly from the previous year, as a growing number of consumers around the world access the web on smartphones and tablets, media buying agency Zenith forecasts. (Source: Reuters)
With over three quarters of the population using their mobile devices to search for the products and services they're in need of, having a website that effectively represents your brand, value proposition, and solutions that fill needs is essential.
Google accounts for over 76% of all global desktop search traffic, followed by Bing at 8%, Baidu at 7.5% and Yahoo at 7%. (Source: NetMarketShare)

Google accounts for over 76% of all global desktop search traffic, followed by Bing at 8%, Baidu at 7.5% and Yahoo at 7%. (Source: NetMarketShare)
With a heavy focus on search engine optimization and competitors placing a premium on search engine optimization, having a comprehensive Google infrastructure within your online ecosystem is essential to the ability to be found and compete., Especially in industries where position and visibility is a challenge, the infrastructure and strategy are essential. Develop a comprehensive strategy, process, efforts, and schedule that includes content published within the architecture of your site and your Google listing is essential to increasing visibility, building presence, and being found.
Google “near me” searches have increased by two times over the past year. (Source: Search Engine Watch)
With “near me” a popular, almost default search query to find goods and services when the user isn't familiar with a specific local business, it essential a website is not only optimized for search on a mobile device, but structured so their offerings are easily found and their business shows up, especially for local businesses. That structure includes the product, service, location, and hours relative to the location of the person searching, comprehensively structured throughout the website in a format search engines can understand. Failure to do so can result in a loss of business.
Voice searches have increased to 10% of all search volume according to The Internet Trends report. (Source: Search Engine Land)
With the advent of devices like Echo and the voice search function on mobile devices, voice search is competing with text search and gaining ground daily. Websites with poorly structured information will rank lower than the websites who's offerings, location, and type of business are well structured and organized, costing the business owner visibility and potential revenue.
More by the Numbers
62% of B2B marketers and 51% of B2C marketers have optimized their website, content and blogs for mobile in order to improve SEO. (Source: Social Media Examiner)

72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles. (Source: WordStream)

Did you know that 50% of consumers who do a local search on their smartphone visit a store within a day? Same with 34% of consumers who searched on a computer or tablet.

18% of Local Mobile searches lead to a sale in one day.

87% of smartphone owners use a search engine once a day.

50% of local mobile searches are looking for business information like addresses.

78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases.

1 in 3 smartphone searches were made right before a store visit.

76% of local searches results in a phone call.

Local SEO for Business, here are a few local SEO search statics that might surprise you. 50% of consumers who performed local searches on their smart phone visited a store within a day.

18% of local searches lead to a sale.

60% of Americans use either a smart phone or tablet to perform local searches for products or services.

50% of mobile searches are looking for a business name, address, phone or service information.

78% of mobile searches lead to physical purchases offline

33% of smart phone searches were made right before store visits

89% of users surveyed searched for local business at least once a week, 58% surveyed performed searches once daily.

46% of all searches on Google are Local.
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Is your logo part of a business identity system that enables your business to stand apart, or is your logo just placed on the platforms and materials where your business is represented?

Do you have an identity system that works with your messaging, highlights product features, calls attention to solutions, and delivers your value?

Do you have written content and materials that identifies and solves the pain points of potential clients and the audience you need to reach?

Is your writing structured within your website to be added to and built on to further highlight and strengthen your value and brand?

In today's competitive environment being found, standing out, and providing solutions to needs are essential to the success of a business. Without these elements your business may be one of a hundred offering the same services, with little to set you apart.

Is your site responsive, visually consistent on all devices, and does it reflect your brand?, Does your site's content address the needs of your clients and audience?, Is your site engaging, does it deliver your value proposition, and does it showcase the solutions your products or services provide?

Request our comprehensive website checklist to ensure your site is effectively representing your business and your value proposition, is consistent across all platforms, is optimized for search engine position, showcases the solutions your products or services provide, and is developed to generate leads. :: Request the Checklist ::


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The provides startups, new businesses and entrepreneurs with the complete online, offline, and identity solutions their business needs to be found and stand apart from those businesses they compete with in today's crowded and competitive business landscape.

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With the consistent company image, the differentiators, and value proposition incorporated throughout the online platforms, the Logo Design Co provides clients with the infrastructure that ensures their website, online platforms, marketing, content, Google, search engines, and what makes them better all work together as one, in a seamless ecosystem that results in the online presence needed to be found and stand out.

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How does your brand measure up? Can you identify your value and build a compelling value proposition that sets your business apart? Is your value proposition incorporated into your business message? Is your value proposition applied consistently throughout the platforms of your online ecosystem like your website and social media platforms?

The Logo Design Co helps clients leverages their value proposition throughout the platforms of their business ecosystem to continually strengthen their presence and keep the phone ringing.
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