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Logo Redesign
In addition to effectively representing a business, brand, product or service, the true success of a logo redesign is the incorporation of brand equity. Questions like “how long has the logo been in use?”, “Has the look and feel of the materials where the logo has been used been consistent?”, “Is the logo the only consistent element the audience has with your business or brand?”, should be asked and answered through the end result.

The answers to these questions defines the purpose, navigates the course of action and helps define the creative approach.
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Incorporating Original Elements
To build on the brand equity and To bridge the original and new logo and build on the connection the original logo had with the public, residents, and clients, the new logo incorporated the color palette and used the graphics as a key element of the logo, ensuring the connection continued.

Identity Evolution
With the approach defined in the brand architecture and guidelines, the logo and identity system were designed to adapt and evolve with the organization. As the organization grows, adds services or evolves, the components in the logo and the identity system have purpose, evolve the brand and help achieve the organization's goals.

Original Elements in a Logo Redesign
As key ingredients of the logo redesign, the visual elements of the original logo were incorporated into the new logo, and function as foundational elements of the identity system. This approach bridged the original logo into the new logo, and continued the connection and established equity into the redesign and identity system development.

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Incorporating Brand Equity
With the original logo the only consistent representation of the brand used in marketing and company communication efforts, incorporating that equity was essential. Continuing the original feel, the new logo builds on the 41 years of equity through using the typeface, holding shape and colors as the visual foundation of the new logo design. Carrying through the concept of the interdependent letters, the new logo now provides equal presence to both the W and A, and delivers in one visual element., continuing the equity that connects the audience to the brand.
Brand Evolution in Logo Design
Brand Evolution
Developed to promote the event and create awareness of the organization, the Comedy Night event design consistently incorporated, built-on and added-to the previous creative to continue the consistency needed to build brand awareness. With each new event, specific components of the previous creative was incorporated, built-on and evolved, with core graphic elements used to create marketing, promotion and event signage and display.
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Flexible Design System
With three individual companies under a single brand, a universal look was created and applied to the three companies, while each individual logo had elements unique to the services provided. This solution enabled the client to have each service as an individual company while strengthening the overall brand.
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Typographical Logo
Developed as a secondary logo and component of the identity system, a logotype or wordmark is created from incorporating the graphic elements and business name, product or service. This approach provides flexibility in usage and application, and extends the brand. In this example, incorporating the visual elements into the business name, this typographical version of the logo was used on letterhead, social media and where available space was at a minimum.
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