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Information, resources, ideas, and articles by the Logo Design Co on logo design, identity development, branding, design, and marketing.

From new businesses to established brands, the Logo Design Co helps business owners showcase the solutions they provide in today's competitive environments saturated with businesses competing for the attention of the same clients and customers.

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A Connection Through Visuals
With the new company an evolution and the telescope a major component of the original logo, it was essential to carry that through so the audience makes that connection.... read more

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Elements of Text As Design
Using elements of text to convey a concept or message is an approach that allows you to deliver it through the written word without graphics or with a minimal graphic approach.... read more

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Design From Graphics & Type
Incorporating the written word and relevant visuals to create an element of design, a logo, or a component within the identity system requires working with the shape and form of the individual elements to create one single unique element.... read more

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Let's deliver the first impression

Contact the Logo Design Co today to get started on delivering the first impression that truly reflects your business. 908.581.3393

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The Logo Design Company provides resources to help clients understand the elements of logo design, creating a secondary identity, working with typography and brand identity development, including typography, color, and the components of an identity system. :: view resources
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Select projects and works, including logo design, identity systems and brand identity development. Logo Design Co enables clients to deliver the first impression and build the trust factor that creates opportunity. :: view projects
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Businesses need to deliver that compelling first impression that creates the trust factor and communicates the value of their brand. The Logo Design Company helps clients deliver that needed first impression that creates that trust factor, backed by the approach, strategy and message that delivers the value of their business through a compelling company image.
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