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Logo Redesign Questions and Considerations
Whether it is a new logo design, a full identity, or a complete business image, there are considerations and questions that should be asked and answered when it comes time for a new visual representation of your business or brand.

A logo redesign should include the usage of the logo to ensure the identity works where the amount of visual real estate changes or there is only one color. Like a grocery list left at home and forgetting to buy butter, planning for where the logo is used and how the logo is used is essential, as poor usage can ruin even the best logo. Applying the logo and identity system to layouts and materials for the business card, stationery, layouts, ads, the web, and social media should be presented to you as an option for the project.

Questions that should be asked and given thought include:

Why am I redesigning my logo?

How will the logo work in my existing marketing?

How long has the existing logo been in use?

Has your business image been consistent throughout marketing and company communications, or has your logo been the only element potential clients are familiar with?

If the logo has been the only consistent representation and the only visual connection your clients have with your business, a new logo can be a disconnect, especially when marketing and communication materials have been inconsistent or have changed often.

How much visual equity does your logo have? Identifying visual equity from the existing logo and incorporating that visual equity into the new logo mark is a way of building on the existing logo, especially when the logo has been the only consistent visual connection established with the audience, past and current clients.

Can the existing logo be evolved and built on? Are there elements of the logo, especially the elements that have equity, that can be incorporated into the new logo, or used as the visual concept to build on? From in your existing logo, can you carry through holding shapes?, The typeface?, Do you have existing colors that need to be or should be incorporated? While the color is, or should be part of a scheme, specific colors can work as a design element. Existing colors should be considered, and incorporated into a new identity design, can be added on-to with complementary colors.

When the logo is being designed, consider: Does it work in small sizes?, Does it work in dark spaces where colors need to be reversed?, Does it work as one color? On platforms like Facebook or Instagram where the logo needs to used at small sizes, a logo rich in detail may not work as intended. Apparel or products like shirts, hats, and bags may not have a full color option. Ensuring the logo works as intended is essential.

Having a secondary logo or icon as part of an identity system where all visual work together is essential in platforms like Facebook where there is less visual real estate that ensures your business is represented as intended. The graphic elements of an identity system can be used to visualize a message, visualize your value proposition, identify and differentiate products and services, and most importantly, deepen the remembrance between your audience and your business.

The identity system can include a secondary logo or wordmark, and icon or simple version of the logo, a palette of colors, and the typography palette that designates the uses of fonts. With the identity system applied to the development of a business image, a style guide with rules and guidelines ensures consistent usage of the identity system on all platforms, and in all communication mediums.

While a professional creative will always provide original images, if you choose to use services like the $5-Logo, do you know if the images you get are copyright, is there a contract, does the contract specify who is responsible should the image be copied or stolen? In those services graphics are not always original, often pulled from a Google image search, and it falls on the business owner should someone come knocking.

As for that question often asked... How much does a logo cost? is answered by: What does the logo cost your business?

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